A ‘word’ from Pastor Bill

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Hello United Church family! Just wanting to say hello and let you all know that I am definitely thinking of you and praying for you. These are indeed challenging times as we enter into the holidays facing the prospect of not any or limited family gatherings. It is certainly affecting Mary and my plans. We are fully taking advantage of FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Zoom. Not the same, but it is something and we hope for only one time.

I wanted to repeat a part of the quote that I share with you this past Sunday during the message. The author is Richard Rohr:

.”..revolutionary love can only be practiced in community.

Revolutions do not happen only in grand moments in public view but also in small pockets of people coming together to inhabit a new way of being. We birth the beloved community by becoming the beloved community. . . .” 

I believe we can be on of those ‘small pockets’ of people who come together to inhabit a new way of being.

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