A Word from Pastor Bill


Good evening United Church family! It was a beautiful, almost spring-like today. I hope you were able to enjoy at least a little bit of it.

I wanted to let you know that we will be having a Christmas Eve service. At this point, it will most likely be a Zoom gathering. We will keep you posted. We will do our best to make it a meaningful time.

Reading Matthew 2:19-23 and meditating on another part of the Christmas narratives. Thinking about Joseph’s fear mentioned again in vs. 22. What was he afraid of? Most likely afraid for the safety of his family, afraid that they would be injured or worse.

Fear is a powerful emotion. The ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ reaction produces a physical response in us with adrenaline getting dumped into our systems. Pretty hard to function when this happens. Recognizing it when it happens is a first step in learning to control it.

Certainly, much more has been said and written on this subject. Lots of good resources and tools to help us deal with our fears.

Might I add to them prayer. Prayer is so often viewed as us talking to God. I really believe it should be more listening than talking. You know how we have talked about the voice that came from heaven telling Jesus that he was the ‘beloved’ and how that voice is for us as well. Henri Nouwen says this connecting this thought with prayer: “Prayer is discipline of listening to the voice of love.”

When fears rise up in your heart maybe the first thing we need to do is get quiet and listen for that voice.

Praying for you during these challenging times.

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