A Word from Pastor Bill 2/5/21


Good morning my UC family!

Hope this day finds you experiencing more of God’s mercy and peace. Sunday is Communion Sunday. We do have the individualized servings available for our in-person attenders. And for those of you joining via Zoom, you can make your own preparations. We will, during the sermon time of our worship, be focusing on Ephesians 2:1-10, the marvelous words describing the miraculous transition from spiritual death to spiritual life.

I read this, this week and it inspired me again as I thought about joining you in sharing the Lord’s Supper together: “The Lord’s Supper is a celebration of God’s grace, not human achievement. It is a means of grace through which God acts to seal the promises of the gospel. The power of the celebration does not lie in our ability to think hard about Jesus’ death and our sin, but in the way God’s spirit uses the celebration to nourish and sustain us. The Lord’s Supper is a gift!!”

May this provide a bit of inspiration for you, as well, as you anticipate our gathering on Sunday.

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